Cringe. Camp. Live snakes on stage!

GOD OF ZILLA: A 30 Minute Window, follows a group of mediocre avant-garde artists as they attempt to stage an experimental interpretation of one woman’s lowest moments. It’s mainly snakes. And also Godzilla. This show is bizarro theatre at its unfortunate best!!

Our production uses an unusual format to engage its audience. The “30 minute window” is comprised of a 20-minute movement piece, surrounded by a pre-show and post-show to round out the other 10. Our "pre" and "post" are led by our magnificent Usher, who improvises dialogue with audience members and collects "feedback" in her suggestion box. Once we get around to the movement piece, it's terrible in the absolute best way possible. We've included a link to our script near the end of this application. You should read it, if you wanna catch our drift.

Our hilarious movement ensemble scrambles to invent the show in real-time, pulling out all sorts of props in order to realize their fantastical vision. Though carefully rehearsed, the audience feels the full-force chaos of these Movers as they use diegetic lighting and sound effects to change their static landscape. We travel across thousands of miles—and maybe three or four years—as the main Voice of our story enthusiastically dictates the plight of her childhood disaster years

The Design

The design and execution of the performance drew inspiration from the concept of a
“Blackbox Theatre”

 Renowned for its minimalist and adaptable nature fostering innovation and improvisation. Within this framework, the production takes on an inventive stance, notably through the incorporation of a humorous movement ensemble. This integration of the "blackbox" ethos not only reflects a stylistic choice but also serves as a platform for subversion and satire.

The incorporation of boxes into the stage design was a deliberate choice aimed at adding versatility to the set and infusing the performance with the lively essence of both "blackbox" theater and the spontaneity reminiscent of SNL. These boxes serve as dynamic elements, allowing for seamless transitions and facilitating the flow of animations in alignment with the overall aesthetic of the production. By embracing the ethos of "blackbox" theater and SNL, the performance gains an energetic and adaptive quality, inviting audiences to engage with the unfolding narrative in a fresh and dynamic manner.

Process Sketches 

Throughout our creative journey, we want it to resonate with the imaginative essence of the "blackbox" ethos while also evoking the tactile sensation of a snake enclosure. By seamlessly blending these elements, we can create a scene that sparks curiosity and invites the audience to engage with the narrative in a dynamic and immersive way. Ultimately, our goal is to cultivate an atmosphere of intrigue and possibility, where the boxes became a symbol of boundless imagination and symbolic depth.

Production Team

Atlas Alma: Writer and Director
Holly Webb: Scenic Designer/ Technical Director
Becky King: Lighing Designer
Jacob Padilla: Stage Manager
Kianna Ruesega: Assistant Scenic Designer

Natalee Hapaniewski: The Voice
Grant Garcia
Daneille Pope
Meher Kumar
Jared Perz
Karolina Kwaśniak
Freckle the Snake