Concept Design 
Written by Nick Dear

The  Poached Creature?

The idea of the creature being like a resurrected egg really resonated with me.

In my exploration of this narrative became the question of the egg or the chicken or the egg...?

I didn't want to just make them into cliché versions of a scientist and his invention.

I was keen on delving into the growth and initial sensory experiences of the Creature. I aim to learn with the audience through the complexities of these concepts.
 I found it fascinating to explore themes of unchecked power and misplaced trust within the audience, using subtle textual cues to delve into the complex emotions of Frankenstein and the Creature.

A page of notes...


Can an egg be a "cage" ?
A symbol of both confinement and potential growth for both Frankenstein and his creation.

What evokes the tight condenced feeling from a cage?

This is the cell divsion cycle from Embryo Development 

Can I turn this Idea into a Cage?

Can the texture change as the Creature evolves?︎︎︎

︎︎︎ can we learn with the creature?

︎︎︎Move the lens over the cage

Prototypes Mock up

Preliminary storyboard scene 1-3

Sketch for Design